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Courtney is a master problem-solver and combines a strong foundation in classical Chinese medicine with her unique ability to analyze challenges and engineer unique and effective treatment strategies for her clients. She retains and places equal importance on a heart-centered approach to treatment, including using her ability to “intuit” the best strategy for a client. Courtney’s primary goal is to restore an embodied sense of “real self” to the client in a manner that allows him or her to experience trust and faith in his or her own capacity to heal and experience a fulfilling life. Within this goal, Courtney aims to offer her clients hope that they can achieve their health goals through natural methods and instill in them confidence to take control of their own health and healing through lifestyle change. She is passionate about educating clients about their health concerns and offering them insight and guidance from the Chinese medicine and nutrition perspectives. Courtney is especially skilled in working with children between the ages of 10 and 18, and also welcomes long-distance nutrition therapy clients. She also has a special interest in bringing therapeutic bodywork into the workplace in a manner that is financially prudent and delivers both employees and organizations tangible results.

Courtney is a graduate of East West Healing Arts Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and also holds a Master’s Degree in Japan Studies from the University of Washington. Her current work as a tui na therapist is heavily influenced by the shiatsu teachings of Michael DeAgro. Courtney is also a certified nutritional therapist through the Nutrition Therapy Association and takes a special interest in treating women with chronic digestive struggles. She is also currently studying Chinese herbal medicine with Sharon Weizenbaum of the White Pine Institute. Courtney originally worked as a Geological Engineer and later as a Foreign Affairs Analyst for the Department of Defense. Courtney lived, worked, and studied in Tokyo, Japan for 3-1/2 years, is fluent in Japanese, and is well-versed in Japanese culture and traditions. Courtney trained as a competitive swimmer from childhood onward and rowed in the Big Ten with the UW-Madison Lightweight Crew Team from 1999-2001. She later took up triathlon for several years. After college, Courtney developed some health challenges that were never fully resolved by standard medical approaches. While in Japan, she first experienced the healing potential of Chinese medicine. This experience along with later taking up the study of Aikido and yoga strongly guided her towards her current path of helping others struggling with chronic health issues.